The Shot Charts Tagging Box Score Team Individual Tool

For every basketball analytics platform, the theme is the same: “You take what you are given.” 

Our platform at Lean Basketball Analytics gives you control like no analytics tool before. Our customizability options allow you to gain insights in whatever context you choose. With our patented user-friendly design, you can achieve better insights more efficiently than ever.

The Shot Charts Tool

Our shot charts filters allow limitless control to see your hotspots and areas of improvement for any type of shot.

The Tagging Tool

This is where our patented platform thrives. Add your own customized tags and notes to yours and opponents’ shots. You can visualize these tags and notes in shot charts and other tools, and even share with your players for review.

The Box Score Tool

Ever been able to analyze a box score with filtering your players on or off the court? Paired with a wide array of advanced stat options, now you can.

The Team Tool

The most intuitive form of lineup analysis available. Including the on/off toggle, available metrics range from typical box score data to advanced metrics and shot type breakdowns.

The Individual Tool

Mirroring the patented design of the team tool, select a player to see how their performance varies across all lineups and player combinations.

The Film Assistant Tool

We breakdown each segment of every game. Now you can see, by lineup, when your team excels within every game.

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